Wednesday, October 17, 2007

European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present

Instructor Margret Anderson (Spring 2007)
University of Calirfornia-Berkeley
The Boundaries of the West - Endings and Beginnings
The Rise of the State in the Age of Machiavelli
New States and New Worlds- 1492 and Beyond
A Common Culture
Salvation at Stake- The Reformation Begins
The Institutionalization of the Reformation
Things Fall Apart- Persecutions, Plague, and War
Hobbes's World and the Emergence of Constitutional Government
The New Science
The Enlightenment
The French Revolution
Napoleon - Military Dictatorship and Military Revolution
Getting and Spending- England's Industrial Revolution, 1760-1830
Capitalism and its Critics
Romanticism and Religion
Bismarck and the Re-Configuration of Europe
What Did Women Want?- Women and Society in the 19th Century
The Re-Discovery of the Irrational- Fin de Siecle Pessimism and the Birth of Psychoanalysis
Europeans All Around- Globalization and Imperialism in the 19th Century
Why Europe Went to War in 1914
The Great War
Russian Revolution (no audio first one minute)
The War Moves Home- Fascism and the Fall of the Democracies
Interwar- A Broken World
Colonialization of Europe and De-Colonialization Abroad
The Collapse of Communism and Other Surprises
Europe Today
Lecture Clips (MP3) are available at:
European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present
Introduction: Histories, Cultures, Identities
The Renaissance in Western History
The State As A Work Of Art
New Worlds, New Peoples, New Goods
Revolutions In Religion: 1517-1555
Religious War And Witchcraft
The European Tradition of Constitutionalism
Worlds Of Goods, World Economies, Wars Of Commerce
The Scientific Revolution
The Enlightenment - Daring To Konw And Its Difficulties
The French Revolution In World Politics Part I
The French Revolution In World Politics Part II
The Industrial Revolution: The Origins of a New Civilization
The Structures and Institutions of Class
The Structures and Institutions of Class (con't) - Ideologies of Class, gender and History
Revolution And Reform
Science, Medicine And Religion
Making And Reforming Nation States
Politics, Culture & Society At The End Of The 19th Century
The New Imperialism
The End of the Old Century and the Beginning of the New
The Russian Revolution - A Dialogue
Some Social And Cultural Consequences Of The Great War
Culture As Politics In The 1920s
World War II: Holocaust And Rebuilding
The Past in the Present


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